EAA119 Day in the Sky Pre-Brief

Submitted by thail on Sat, 04/11/2009 - 00:27.

Hello, I am the president of EAA Chapter 119 and I want to welcome you all and thank you for volunteering to fly in this year's Day in the Sky.  I know that some of you have not committed fully with business, maintenance, and family conflicts, but those who have flown this event or the other events around the Bay Area know how a meaningful and rewarding this event is.  Bosses and family would understand if they could see the smiles and grins we get from the kids and their families.For those who have not flown an EAA 119 Young Eagles rally, we keep it very simple and safe.  What I want to do here is give you a pre-briefing of how we do things so you know what to expect when you arrive, especially for the first time.  We will have a formal briefing for you when you arrive on the 18th.  Either at 8am at the EAA hangar or when you arrive.  Please do not fly until you have been briefed.Please also be sure to have your EAA number and Young Eagles number (if you have one) handy with you.  You must be an EAA national member to fly Young Eagles at this rally.  If you have not joined, it saves time immensely if you join by phone and get a number over the phone.  (800-564-6322)  Passenger liability insurance is also required for you to fly Young Eagles and you will be certifying to that effect when you sign the form for each kid.Operations, what to expect:1.  We will have a ramp crew to guide you to a loading zone, there will probably be orange cones and guys with colored vests waving at you to direct where to park.  Standard aviation hand signals.  2.  A load master will match kids/guests with aircraft.  If you think the match isn't good, you have the right to decline.  Loading, and disability concerns are the top issues we usually have to deal with but most can be worked out some way.  The kids and family are often much more capable that you may initially think.  Any kids in the Young Eagle age range (8 to 18) must have a Young Eagle form that you must sign.  No exceptions.  We do all the paperwork and all you should have to do is sign it, just be sure to not leave without signing.  Younger and older passengers are covered by your insurance as any passenger would be.3.  An escort and loader will accompany you and your passengers to your plane to ensure everyone gets there safely and to help properly load your passengers.  You have the final responsibility for passenger safety and security but the loader should be able to help with any special needs a passenger has.  You should not have to do any lifting on your own or at all.  Do not rush your loading, no one gets an award for fastest turn around.  There will be photographers around also and some pilots may be asked if a small self-contained video camera can be mounted in your aircraft.  That choice is totally at your discretion, safety being the primary concern.  If you have it, turn it on as instructed and then forget it.  The photographers will take care of it when you return.4.  When ready to start up, get eye contact with the ramp crew first, get a thumbs up, then start.  Watch their guidance to taxi out.5.  WVI runway 20 is the typical runway in use.  We will fly from WVI, right crosswind departure, up to Santa Cruz inland at 1700', back down the shoreline near Moss Landing and back to WVI.  On the upward leg to Santa Cruz, stay inland over Hwy 1.  On the return, stay over the water along the coast line.  We call this the counter-clockwise route to Santa Cruz.  You don't have to go all the way to Santa Cruz, we are aiming for 20 to 30 minute flights to keep the kids moving.  Be careful if you turn before Santa Cruz for aircraft coming back over the coast.6.  We prefer to announce ourselves as 'Young Eagle Cessna 12X' in the pattern to advertise ourselves and to allow the ramp crew to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic they care about.7.  Be safe. For yourself and your passengers.  We all appreciate it.  If you have a question, ask.  If you have an aircraft issue, safety is the number one concern.  If you get tired, take a break.  If you have to get back to another airport, don't rush your flights or your departure home.  If we can't get all the rides done, we can come back.Any questions or comments, please direct them to myself or info@eaa119.orgThanks!Tom HailEAA Chapter 119 President